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Updated: Jul 22, 2020

Wether you are planning and Estate Sale or Business Liquidation, or maybe just wanting to downsize, contact Harmony Road Estate Sales today with any questions.

What information do I need to have an Estate Sale?

Each sale is unique, however, you will need a few things in order when you meet with our team about having an Estate Sale. You will want to first be sure that the Estate is cleared and ready to sell. This is done by confirming with your Estate Attorney, and generally led by the executor of the Estate. You will also need to confirm that the property and estate has existing insurance for sales held on location.


Don't throw anything away before you meet with us. We will advise you on setting up and preparing for the sale, and give our best advice on how to thin out for the sale. But in short, don't throw anything out until we meet. Not everything will sell at the sale, but you'd be surprised to see what does!

Next Steps:

  1. Confirm Estate is "ready" for sale

  2. Don't throw anything out yet

  3. Contact Harmony Road Estate Sales

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